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We are consulting on the proposed redevelopment of the 0.59-hectare Honda Showroom and 0.24-hectare NTS Garage and Halfords Autocentre site on the corner of Hyde Estate Road and Edgware Road, making up 0.83-hectares of brownfield concreted land. We have named our scheme ‘The Rockery at the Hyde’. For more information on the proposals visit the Have Your Say section.

Yes. In fact, engaging the community in a safe and meaningful way during this time is encouraged. We would not be doing this without the confidence of the community. But, as always, if you have an issue please do let us know. We have checked in with industry professionals, government advisors, planning officers, politicians, and members of the local community. We would not be doing this without their consent. For more information visit the visit the At a Distance Engagement section.

The aim of this website is to collect feedback on a planning application which is admissible in both a Statement of Community Involvement and at planning committee. This will only happen if we collect the views of local residents. To make sure this happens, we advertise locally, and only submit feedback from those who state their interest and leave a valid local address.

For more information visit the visit the At a Distance Engagement section.

As well as contacting local stakeholders directly, we have sent a newsletter detailing the consultation website to 5215 local addresses. Due to the site’s location next to the London Borough of Brent, we have also distributed newsletters to neighbours in close proximity and will take forward their feedback. We are acutely aware that not everyone has the means to access the website. So, newsletter recipients can speak to the project team via telephone and/or participate in the consultation through postal feedback. In addition, we have taken several steps to make sure the consultation complies with the latest Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations for websites. This means that, for example, users who are experience difficulties in terms of learning, sight or language can fully participate.

If you are a local resident and leave a valid name and address, we will submit this – anonymously – as part of the application’s Statement of Community Involvement. We have asked users to state if they are residents of Barnet or Brent. Feedback will then be considered by Barnet Council. The application will be decided by Barnet Planning Committee, but it is difficult to say when. Hopefully, later this year. If you have more queries regarding privacy and data, click here.

For more information visit the visit the At a Distance Engagement section.

We are proposing a landscape-led and residential-led mixed-use development of the site including commercial space, amenity, parking, and flexible community space. An entire garden will be created at second-floor podium-level including new access ways and active frontages. Atop of the podium-level gardens will be three new buildings set back from 24, 23 and 20 storeys in height respectively.

For more information on the proposals visit the Have Your Say section.

Our landscape-led approach has allowed us to create a significant amount of public realm and green space for the wider community whilst contributing to the wider amenity and uses in the scheme. - We are proposing an entire garden at podium-level including active frontages and community uses. - ‘Hyde Lane’: a new ground-level walkway that prioritises pedestrians, from Hyde state Road to the north. - Generous new setbacks and upgrades to the existing public street along Edgware Road and Hyde Estate Road. These spaces will provide wellbeing and vast greenery with areas to socialise, sit, and play, in a safe and well-lit environment.

For more information on the proposals visit the Have Your Say section.

Most of the proposed development comprises residential space and landscaping. We want to complement this by providing a series of activities and uses to create an exciting place for the community. A flexible community space is proposed at podium-level, which we would appreciate your ideas on for its future use. As the gardens are located at podium-level, we can incorporate a series of uses both below the gardens and at frontages located throughout the site. This includes the addition of commercial space such as cafés and restaurants, as well as working and office spaces. These elements will provide a significant amount of new jobs for the local area, diversifying and uplifting those available from the existing site now by 60%. Residential amenity is provided through various flexible private uses as well as storage. In line with the Local Plan, 30% car parking is made available for residents. 10% of which is for disabled access and 20% of which will have active charging facilities. Additionally, cycle parking is available for both long-stay residents and short-stay visitors of the public gardens.

For more information on the proposals visit the Have Your Say section.

We are proposing 470 new homes in a mix of studio, one, two, three and four-bedroom units. 35% affordable housing will be provided by habitable room in line with the Local Plan. 70% of this will be offered at intermediate prices split between a portion at London Living Rent and a portion of Shared Ownership, with 30% at social rent. The homes are tenure blind and all residents will have access to all amenities at ground and podium level. In addition, we have made efforts to ensure that a larger percentage of the socially rented homes are family sized.

For more information on the proposals visit the Have Your Say section.

We are committed to exploring ways in which the development can contribute to London’s net-zero carbon emissions target. We are proposing significant measures to be lean, be clean, and be green, by reducing the impact of both construction and operation and minimising energy demand. We are targeting a minimum on-site carbon reduction of at least 35% beyond building regulations.


Healthy Streets | Cycling provision | Increased access


Locally sourced materials | Long lasting materials | Living roofs


Community space | Gardens | Play


Biodiversity | Greenspace | New planting | Ecology


Energy Centre | Renewable energy | Energy efficiency | Overheating mitigation

For more information on the proposals visit the Have Your Say section.

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