Welcome to our dedicated project website on our proposals for ‘The Alcove at The Rockery’.

We are currently developing proposals for the site, and we would welcome feedback from the local community to help shape the plans.

We are keen to hear the community’s views on our proposals on the future of the site before submitting a planning application to Barnet Council later this year.

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Current site

The site is located between Hyde Estate Road and the Silk Stream River.

The existing site is comprised of a car sales centre with ancillary facilities and services.

Hyde Estate Road offers direct access to the Site. The road is accessed from Edgware Road which is a key route running from central London to Edgware.

Site location


Site Location with Consented Neighbouring Development



Site history

Watling Street

Forming the main route near the site, Watling Street is an ancient Roman road from 48 AD with its route from London to Wroxeter forming much of the A5 Road.

Today, the stretch of the A5/Edgware Road along the Site is locally referred to as “The Hyde”. This street continues to be a growth corridor in modern times.


The Hyde

Two small hamlets were founded at the centre of the parish: Colin Deep and the Hyde, the later located on Edgware Road at its junction with Kingsbury Road. The Hyde was formed of a dozen cottages and farmhouses by 1597 with very little expansion until the early 19th century.


Natural Heritage

Minutes walk south-west of the Site sees significant natural beauty. As early as 1835 construction began on the Brent Reservoir. At inception the reservoir measured 28 hectares and by 1853 expanded to 160 hectares.

Today it measures at 68 hectares and is a biological Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). On the north-west shore lies the 9 hectare Welsh Harp Open Space park and nature reserve, established as a recreational area in 1965. The reservoir is a popular destination for sailing enthusiasts.

The 4 kilometre long Silk Stream brook that runs north-south, adjacent to the east boundary of the Site, is a tributary of the River Brent and joins at Brent Reservoir. The stream is a component of the Blue Ribbon Network and a site of Borough Importance for Nature Conservation, Grade II. The name Silk is believed to derive from Sulh or Sulc, probably from the Old English for plough or furrow.


Industrial Heritage

Hendon has a unique history of industrial heritage. Of particular note was the Hendon Aerodrome, to the north of the Site, where aviation history was made between 1908 and 1968.

Between the years of 1926 and 1970, the land west and south of the Site were occupied by the Duple Coachworks, a leading British bus and coach manufacturer. At the height of the factory’s operation, 800 people were employed and the site produced 1,000 vehicles per year. They expanded into fuselage and military product manufacturing for the Halifax bomber and other needs during World War II.

During the period of industrial occupation, the Silk Stream has reduced and shifted away from the Site.

Future Opportunity

The ancient lines of the Silk Stream and old Watling Street sit disjointed with the contemporary urban grain left over from decades of industrial and enterprise growth.

Therefore, there is great opportunity to repair the natural and transport network interface with future placemaking.


Project Team

Our project team


Delta Properties is a UK based asset management and development company. Their property portfolio includes residential-led mixed use regeneration projects, office buildings, retail parks, shopping malls, and industrial and logistic centres. They deliver on quality while creating value for people and places

Studio Egret West design and curate places with compelling narratives and identities, cultivating sustainable communities that priorities the public realm and evolve over time.

DP9 is a leading independent, specialist planning consultancy based in London. Their work is wide ranging but is renowned for their involvement in delivering some of the most challenging and high-profile projects in and around London and the South East.

Kanda is a multi-disciplinary communications agency that is passionate about regeneration and place-making, using their breadth and depth of experience with communities, developers and decision makers to create the best places to live, work and visit.

Hoare Lea are problem solvers who care about how spaces make people feel when you step inside them and help bring buildings to life.

Whitby Wood is an independent, international and forward-thinking engineering consultancy, working across structural and civil engineering building design and urban infrastructure.

Caneparo Associates is an independent transport planning and highway design consultancy based in central London, and specialising in development planning work across the UK.

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We want the local community to help shape our ideas for the future of The Alcove at The Rockery.





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Autumn 2022

The site comes under new ownership. Studio Egret West, the award winning architects of the neighbouring ‘Rockery at the Hyde’ site design, commence a review of the site for new public greenwalks and residential use opportunities.

Winter 2023

Inspired by the Silk Stream and community priorities found while working in the local area, the design team prepare design principles to guide concept development of the site.  Consultation begins with the area’s residents, tenants and local authorities.

Spring 2023

The design team will incorporate feedback from the community and develop the design proposals ahead of a detailed planning application submission.

Summer 2023

The design team will consult with the community on the detailed planning application.

Autumn 2023

The design proposals will be reviewed by the London Barnet planning committee.


Frequently Asked Questions


We want the local community to help shape our ideas for the future of ‘The Alcove at the Rockery’.

If you question is not covered, please get in touch via thealcove@kandaconsulting.co.uk and a member of the team will be happy to assist.


We are consulting on the proposed redevelopment of a car sales centre on Hyde Estate Road.

We have named our scheme ‘The Alcove at the Hyde’. For more information on the proposals visit our website here: https://rockery-at-the-hyde.community/

The aim of this website is to collect feedback on a planning application which is admissible in both a Statement of Community Involvement and at planning committee. This will only happen if we collect the views of local residents.


We will also be holding an exhibition in March to gain feedback on the proposal for the site. We are also taking into consideration the previous feedback received on the ‘Hyde at the Rockery’, ensuring  we replicate what we have heard previously.

To make sure this happens, we advertise locally, and only submit feedback from those who state their interest and leave a valid local address.

As well as contacting local stakeholders directly, we have sent a newsletter detailing the consultation website to 5215 local addresses and advertised in the Barnet Borough Times.

Due to the site’s location next to the London Borough of Brent, we have also distributed newsletters to neighbours in close proximity and will take forward their feedback.

We are acutely aware that not everyone has the means to access the website. So, newsletter recipients can speak to the project team via telephone and/or participate in the consultation through postal feedback.

In addition, we have taken several steps to make sure the consultation complies with the latest Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations for websites. This means that, for example, users who are experience difficulties in terms of learning, sight or language can fully participate.

We are also holding an event in an accessible venue for residents to come and chat to the team about the proposals for the site and will are happy to talk to stakeholders and groups about the project.

If you are a local resident and leave a valid name and address, we will submit this – anonymously – as part of the application’s Statement of Community Involvement. We have asked users to state if they are residents of Barnet or Brent.

Feedback will then be considered by Barnet Council. The application will be decided by Barnet Planning Committee, but it is difficult to say when.

We are proposing a landscape-led and residential-led mixed-use development of the site including residential, amenity, parking, and flexible community space.

Our landscape-led approach has allowed us to create a significant amount of public realm and green space for the wider community whilst contributing to the wider amenity and uses in the scheme.


  • We are proposing an entirely public ground level including active frontages, community hub, and play space.


  • A new ground-level pedestrian walkway adjacent to the Silk Stream that prioritises pedestrians from Hyde Estate Road to the north.


  • Generous new setbacks and upgrades to the existing public street along Hyde Estate Road.

These spaces will provide wellbeing and greenery with areas to socialise, sit, and play, in a safe and well-lit environment.

For more information on the proposals visit the Have Your Say section.

Most of the proposed development comprises residential space and landscaping. We want to complement this by providing a community hub to create an exciting place for the community at ground-level, which we would appreciate your ideas on for its future use.

Residential amenity is provided through various flexible private spaces and garden.

In line with the London Plan, 3% accessible car parking is made available for residents. Additionally, cycle parking is available for both long-stay residents and short-stay visitors of the public gardens and walkway.

For more information on the proposals visit the Have Your Say section.

Contact us

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website on our proposals for the future of ‘The Alcove at the Rockery’.

Should you have any questions or would like to get in touch with the project team, please use the details below:


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